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The famous Japanese Beef coming from Kobe, Hyogo Japan are in reality coming from brushed cattle. Because when it’s insufficient that they're getting fed along with draft beer to boost their hunger in the course of summer time. Wagyu beef raisers comb Wagyu Cattle's coat layer with Japanese alcoholic beverage Sake!

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Wagyu Beef Brisket

Buy Wagyu Beef Brisket Online When selecting beef brisket is the right address to purchase your BBQ Meats needs. Whether practicing to make it perfect or to enjoy eating smoked brisket with your family and friends,’s hand selected wagyu beef brisket is the perfect choice. To compete and win BBQ Competitions, Wagyu Brisket is one of the top secrets of Champion BBQ Teams. Also, backyard Barbequers love Kobe Beef Brisket which has a very high marbling content. If you are a person who is into gourmet beef, then going for marbled Wagyu Brisket is probably the best choice for you.


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The New England BBQ Chapionship

Need the best brisket for your bar b que? Try bar-b-queing kobe beef brisket, out partner BBQ Guru  Won first in table and 5th overall beef brisket BBQ Guru came in at a very impressive 3rd over a 35 team compition on July 27th 2013 at the Harpoon Championships of New England Barbecue.

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