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The Hunts Point Meat Market where all types of quality meats can be purchased online.

NYC Hunts Point Meat Market's Meats Available Online

NYC Hunts Point Meat Market's meats are available online on retail and wholesale levels. We serve in the tristate area for retail, Wholesale buyers and deliver our products to their door steps. Our customers are restaurants, catering companies, restaurantours, chefs and ordinary households.


Now Hunts Point Meat Market's meats are one phone call away from you. If you own a restaurant, or you need BBQ Meats, Wagyu Kobe Beef Steaks, ground beef and Burgers and many more on either wholesale and/or retail levels, please feel free to communicate with us.


If you need wholesale meats, please communicate with us, we will give you the best deal, and deliver the meat to you with our trucks. We can ship around the country. If you own a restaurant, catering business, or holding events, and you need wholesale or retail level meats, please communicate with us. We have a huge capacity to handle orders to ship in all 50 states. It is always cheaper for you to communicate with us, and it is worth it to have a hassle free experience.


If you are located in NYC or tristate area, you do not need to deal with the traffic, time consuming tasks and hassle going into the market. We save your day and make it a very pleasurable experience. We value our customers, and offer the best quality products for very competitive price.


We are here to save you time and hassle and guarantee that you will receive the best quality meats for very competitive price. We will deliver your meat to your doorsteps. Please call us at  1-212-380-1273

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  1. Japanese Wagyu Beef Ribeye Steaks A5 Grade (100% Authentic with Certification)

    Starting at: $314.95

    Japanese Rib Eye Steaks - Grade 10-12 Here is the, very top quality Beef on the globe. This specific cut is the The King of the Steaks. This specific cattle has a certification from Japanese Authorities which proves that this beef is 100% JAPANESE Wagyu Kobe Beef Rib Eye Steaks. You will receive individually cryovaced 100% Authentic Japanese Kobe Beef Wagyu Rib Eye Steaks with great marbling, A5.

    We have only limited number of cuts that are available online at today. Now, this limited time opportunity will not last long, and before it is gone, you should try this buttery very delicious steaks. Hurry, the opportunity will not stay here for a long time. Finding Tajima A5 Kobe Beef steaks in the US is almost impossible.

    Order's Best Seller Kobe Style Wagyu Strip Steaks now and enjoy it with your friends and family members. Please feel free to communicate with us with your comments or questions. 

    You can contact us at 212-380-1273 or send us an email via contact us page.

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  2. Japanese Wagyu Beef Strip Steaks A5 Grade (100% Authentic with Certification)

    Starting at: $314.95

    Authentic Japanese Wagyu Kobe Beef Strip Steaks A5 - Grade 10-12


    NO Hormones NO Antibiotics, raised with strict Japanese government rules. This beef can be tracked down with its Certificate from Japan. This is the BEST Steaks in the World. Best Quality with the most amount of Marbling....100% Satisfaction Guaranteed !!!

     Order's Best Seller Kobe Style Wagyu Strip Steaks now and enjoy it with your friends and family members. Please feel free to communicate with us with your comments or questions. 

    You can contact us at 212-380-1273 or send us an email via contact us page.

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  3. Kobe Beef - Rib Eye Steak - Grade 8+

    Starting at: $129.95

    Kobe Beef - Ribeye Steak - Grade 8

    If you're looking for zestful kobe beef wagyu beef, you are at the right place as, sell the very best and the most delightful wagyu beef available in the united states. As provide you greatest wagyu beef available for sale. Moreover all of the wagyu meat we sell are from appropriately nourished and selectively bred American Wagyu. kobe beef wagyu beef is well known throughout the whole world with their premium quality and delicate wagyu beefWagyu beef are raised in just environmentally friendly conditions and habitat for the characteristic of the American Wagyu. Supplied from the very best wagyu beef, with all wagyu steak provided for you on this website, you can end up experiencing and enjoying the perfectly satisfying wagyu steak meal exposure with the  tasty and savory flavor of kobe beef wagyu beef.

    The high quality of each the wagyu beef our site provides you can obviously be recognized with their flawlessly marbled structure. Our wagyu steak that can be found on our site do certainly meet the criteria for the very most delicious wagyu. Right now check out to have a quick look at the kobe beef wagyu beef that are guaranteed to please our customers with their delicious daintiness and smoothness .

    Kobe Beef, each Rib Eye Steak weight an average of 16 oz. each. We provide the outstanding quality Kobe beef for our customers. It is also called Kobe Beef in America, Rib Eye Steak are the most marbled steaks than any other beef cut.

    Our Kobe Beef, Kobe Beef American (Steaks) are:

    * 100% Hormone, Antibiotic FREE

    * 100% Humanely Raised and slaughtered, USDA inspected and approved

    * The Finest quality, buttery, juicy, delicious, very tender and extra marbled, above prime grade

    * 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

    * FedEx 2nd Day Delivery

    You can contact us about our finest Wagyu beef at 212-380-1273 or send us an e-mail via contact us page for your comments and questions about Kobe beef in America and Wagyu Steak.   

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  4. American Wagyu Beef - Strip Steak - Grade 6 - 7

    Starting at: $249.95

    American Wagyu - Strip Steaks - Grade 6-7 is very proud of offering Kobe Beef American from Wagyu beef cattle that fed accordingly with the Japanese strict traditions. Feeding Kobe Beef American accordingly with Japanese Traditions, Kobe Beef American yield the best steaks for the grill, impressive percentage of marbling, and tenderest Kobe steaks for best steaks for the grill.Kobe Beef in America ‘s genes are totally different than any traditional beef that are raised in the States.


    Please contact us via email or call us at anytime (EST). Our phone number is 1-212-380-1273

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  5. Prime Beef - Strip Loin

    Starting at: $99.95

    Prime Beef - Strip Loin Learn More
  6. Beef Tri Tip Roast - Wagyu Beef



    Wagyu Tri Tip is a cut taken from the wagyu sirloin, you can make grilled tri tip or tri tip roast. it has the most intense sirloin flavor. Well marbled with intense flavor, this hard to find Wagyu cut is perfect for grilling at high heat of smoking for BBQ perfection. Each wagyu Tri-Tip steak weights between 2.5 - 4.5 lbs Learn More
  7. Kobe Beef Hot Dogs 5 lbs



    Kobe Beef Hot Dogs - Wagyu Beef Hot Dogs - Franks Hot Dogs

    On, we sell the premium quality meat products with so many portion options, and now we have Hot Dogs made from the highest quality and grade, all-natural Kobe Beef. Our Kobe Beef Hot Dogs is the ultimate product to prepare the best hot dog dishes and sandwiches, because the authentic Wagyu Kobe cattle are free from hormones and antibiotics, and raised all-naturally with specific techniques to have an unmatched flavor and taste the best in the world. If you will search for the Kobe Beef online, you will find out that the Kobe Beef cattle meat is the ultimate quality red meat product on earth. And with our Kobe Beef Hot Dogs, you are without doubt going to have the most delicious dishes you can make with Hot Dogs.

    Kobe Beef Hot Dogs ‘ has very rich nutrition facts of the meat. No wonder they are simply and plainly called just Wagyu Hot Dogs. With our Kobe Beef Hot Dogs on the other hand, you can reach all the nutrition facts you may want to know, and you can have a background information about the raw meat our Kobe Beef Hot Dogs made of.

    Shop online on to get the best deal for Kobe Beef Hot Dogs on the market today. Call Us at 212-380-1273 or email us your questions now.

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  8. Kobe Beef - Ground Beef

    Starting at: $97.95

    Kobe Beef Ground Beef

    Due to its unique flavor, the authentic Kobe Beef Ground Beef is without doubt the most enjoyed type of red meat products throughout the world by meat lovers. And along with our finest Ground Beef, here we sell variant types of Ground Beef from Kobe Beef Cattle on

  is your famous online venue for purchasing Ground Beef from very reasonable Price of Ground Beef online. Likewise, you are at the right address to get the best deal in the market. Each Ground Beef Package will be 5 lbs packs that you can use whatever you need and refreeze the rest of it in your freezer. We will ship our top quality Ground Beef from Kobe Beef Cattle directly to your doorsteps via Fedex.

    Our number is 212-380-1273. Call us now or send us a message via the Contact Us for your comments and questions.

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