Yes, the Authentic Japanese Kobe beef price is certainly very high compared to any other beef steaks. This is due to the scarcity and the entire process of nurturing Japanese Wagyu beef cattle. Wagyu beef cattle is legendary for its quality, tenderness and marbling. This is true for all variants of Kobe, including akaushi Kobe beef.

There are several reasons for its price and demand. First of all, real Japanese Kobe beef prices are dependant on the supply and demand chain. The number of  100% real Japanese Kobe beef cattle producers is dwindling, partially because it takes over 36 months to have a qualified wagyu cattle which possibly can yield beef steaks with marbling grade 10 - 12. There is a huge demand for Japanese Kobe beef cattle from all over the world, and it is hard to import enough authentic Japanese beef from to satisfy international needs. The demand versus  the production of cattle with marbling grade 10- 12 work against each other and the result is an increase in Japanese Kobe beef prices worldwide.

Second of all, the amount of time and resources that takes to raise a Japanese Kobe beef cattle, like akaushi Kobe beef,  is 3 times longer than any cattle in America. The USDA is restricting US cattle to live no longer than 12 months due to mad cow disease, and that takes away from marbling and quality of the US beef. The USDA is trying to avoid any sickness that can be harmful in American ranches. Many of the American ranches have mass cattle production which is at an industrial level.

On the other hand, Japanese akaushi Kobe beef farmers are usually small, family farmers who pay attention to each cattle individually to make sure that these cattle eat the best organic grains and consumes best food, and they keep their animals alive over 36 months to increase the meats quality, tenderness, juiciness, and marbling score. These are the factors to consider when thinking about Japanese kobe beef price.