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As a best way to practice Japanese Wagyu Ribeye steak or roast it has to bee cooked medium rare to rare. In order to get the outstanding taste and tender, buttery, and juicy steaks with its aroma, the key is to do not cook longer hours on too hot temperature. When you are cooking Tajima Kobe Beef steaks, make it sure that you do not flip the steaks with a fork. Because using fork can poke a hole on the steaks that will eliminate the juice of the steaks. Some cooks prefer to cover the outside of the steaks with salt, or rubs 100% to seal it from loosing its juice during cooking period.

 The steaks needs to be cooked either medium rare, rare, or ensure that the juices of the steak will not be eliminated and flush out their juicy aroma while you are cooking the Japanese Wagyu beef. Our  Wagyu Meat is already very tender. The most important key is to ensure that the steaks are sealed with flames and rubs. Protecting steaks by sealing it with the flames, rubs or salt to prevent lose juicy aroma and tender texture is very important to have the most delicious steaks in your dish.  


Cooking Japanese Kobe Beef too long, over cooking or too long on too high temperatures will evaporate Kobe Beef Wagyu steaks juicy, buttery tender goodness. As a result, you will have chewy and tough steaks instead of juicy buttery Japanese Kobe Beef steaks.


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You can make the best Beef Burrito with Kobe Beef

If you would like to make best beef burrito, try it with Kobe Beef, Wagyu beef which is the best meat available in the market. It is very easy to make. Kobe beef, garnish with shredded lettuce, sour cream, chopped tomatoes, or your favorite garnish. Here is the recipe to make your best kobe beef burrito:

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Best Kobe Beef Hamburger Recipes

Wagyu beef is the best meat that you can ever find in the market. Therefore the best hamburgers are made with Wagyu beef or some people call ir Kobe beef. Hamburger from Kobe beef is the best choice you and your family can ever have. Now you can find the Best Quality Kobe beef online at huntspoint.com and it is available not only for Mel Gibson,  50 cent or Kobe Briant, it is available for everyone.

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