One of lifes great culinary pleasures is to enjoy a meal at a local Kobe steak house. The quality standards for this sort of beef, coming from the Wagyu cattle, exceeds the high quality and flavor of other premium breeds. It also provides a superior marbling score by the USDA, which is significantly greater than the meats sourced from another breed. Simply being aware of what Japanese Kobe beef is and exactly why it's exceptional might help in purchasing the right type of meat to grill at your home when you find a Kobe beef sale. It’s possible to capture the Kobe steak house experience in your own home, for dishes, bbqs and social events if you know where to buy wagyu beef.

How much do you know about Kobe Beef?

Japanese Kobe steak refers to the meat  from a particular variety of cattle, Japanese Tajima Wagyu cattle, in the area referred to as Kobe in Japan. The designation of Japanese Kobe Beef is protected, just like some other brands are often protected within the food and wine industry. It can be used for Japanese kobe beef for sale that's been constructed from the Hyogo-Kobe area in Japan.

On the other hand, Japanese wagyu cattle have been shipped to the US. The US wagyu beef breeders distinguished themselves for having superior quality beef at great prices, while maintaining fidelity with their Japanese counterparts. This provides you with another option when wondering where to buy wagyu beef.