Real Japanese Kobe steaks are some of the highest quality steaks you can obtain.  You should look at the actual marbling of our steaks!  It is very difficult to find steaks with similar high marbling from any other variety of cattle. Japanese wagyu beef cattle is genetically exceptional in regards to consistent marbling and overall steak quality.  Japanese steak quality, and its high marbling scores are the results of genetics and the farmers hard work!  Raising Japanese Wagyu cattle takes over 3 years.  In the Hyogo, Kobe region there are about 5,000 heads of  cattle raised every year and only 300 of those 5,000 Kobe beef cattle yields marbling score of 10 - 12. This is the highest marbling score in beef and the demand for the highest quality beef cuts is extremely high from other countries as well Japanese domestic use. Since the demand is very high and the supply is very limited, the prices of the Japanese kobe steaks fluctuates. This is why the Japanese Kobe steaks prices are way higher than any other steaks that you can find in any high end meat store. You'll pay more for the world's best quality steaks, real Japanese Kobe Beef steaks. Of course, it is well worth every penny! These are the best mail order steaks available.

When you've received a real Japanese kobe steak, first of all you should look at it carefully. Look at the  pictures on our website to view A5 marbling that is identical with USDA marbling grade 10 - 12. You’ll be swept away once you see our real Japanese Kobe beefs intense, high scored marbling. That’s what you’ll find in best mail order steaks. Now it is time to grill our 100% certified Japanese Wagyu Kobe Beef steaks. The best method for cooking  is to have a large grill pan; and heat it to the point where a drop of water evaporates instantly.

Cuts from real Japanese Kobe beef steaks will cook pretty quickly and you should be careful when you have your Kobe Beef steaks in the grill. Lightly pepper and salt both sides of the Kobe steaks. You should sear Kobe steaks on both sides and keep it up for 2-3 minutes depending on  its thickness, and then flip steaks over. Keep that side on the grill pan for 2-3 minutes, and be careful not to overcook Japanese Kobe Steaks. Once you sear both sides of the Kobe steaks, slice steaks thin and enjoy it with your friends and family.

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