Huntspoint Meat Company sells the world's highest quality steaks, those that come from Japanese Wagyu cattle. The Japanese wagyu cow which provide us the Japanese Kobe beef cattle is native to Japan. In 1970s Americans brought 20 head of cattle to the US to breed these cattle with Angus beef to obtain American Wagyu Beef Cattle.

Some people ask, what makes these Japanese Kobe beef ribeye and other steaks different than other beef steak? Japanese wagyu cattle consistently has the highest marbling scoring amongst all meat and does so while maintaining a delicate but pronounced flavor that is highly sought after by connoisseurs.

It is claimed that just 2% of Black Angus beef qualifies as prime grade by USDA. However, 93% of American Wagyu Beef cattle score as prime grade by the USDA health standards. This dichotomy should amply display the superiority of the Wagyu cattle breed.

This is exactly what makes the Kobe beef ribeye and other steaks stand out.

You'll find an excellent variety at our website store. For wagyu beef, houston customers are the same as NY customers. They simply want the best. We recommend you try Japanese Wagyu rib-eye steaks or the NY strip steaks.

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