In the US, there are many websites claim that they have authentic Japanese Kobe beef for sale online. However, you must be very careful when you are buying Japanese Kobe beef. We strongly recommend that consumers communicate with the website owner and ask pertinent questions. Because of the very limited quantity that can be imported from Japan, online websites which claim they sell Authentic Japanese Kobe Beef are often fraudulent.  Regardless of which website you choose to buy your authentic Japanese Kobe beef from, we advise that you communicate with the website admin/customer service representative to find out about their certification of the Japanese Wagyu Beef. Anytime you are looking to buy wagyu beef, caution should be used.

On our website you will see that Huntspoint Meat Company sells two types of wagyu beef. The first is authentic Japanese Kobe beef and the other is American wagyu beef also known as American style Kobe beef. If you are looking for Authentic Japanese Kobe beef, wagyu beef please speak with us. If you are looking for kobe beef for sale online, we will provide you an up to date wagyu beef certification that has been obtained from Japanese authorities so that you can feel comfortable when you buy wagyu beef.

However, there are no certifications for American style Kobe beef or American wagyu beef. Wagyu cattle can be called wagyu if the cattle has 25% wagyu bloodline. US wagyu, or American style Kobe beef is not from a 100% pure bloodline, therefore, there is no certification for wagyu cattle that is raised in the US. Buy wagyu beef from retailers that you trust. Finding authentic Kobe beef for sale online can take a little searching, but it’s worth it.